How to access by URL on Android?

Can I use the URL like
username:apikey@flightxml.flight … 1&offset=0
to access the API and get a json data back?

Yes, and the response will be something like:

{“MetarExResult”:{“next_offset”:1,“metar”:{“airport”:“KJFK”,“time”:1467402660,“cloud_friendly”:“Overcast skies”,“cloud_altitude”:600,“cloud_type”:“OVC”,“conditions”:“”,“pressure”:29.899999999999998579,“temp_air”:24,“temp_dewpoint”:21,“temp_relhum”:84,“visibility”:8.0,“wind_friendly”:“Windy”,“wind_direction”:160,“wind_speed”:14,“wind_speed_gust”:0,“raw_data”:“KJFK 011951Z 16014KT 8SM OVC006 24/21 A2990 RMK AO2 SLP126 T02390211”}]}}

Also to answer your other question, we do not currently have any sample Android code that demonstrates how to use FlightXML, but I do know that numerous other users have already done this on their own so I don’t believe it is very hard.

So will it work in Android?

So, it should work properly on Android? I just tested it seem not working.

Try one of the answers in here: … ms-android … in-android

Thank you for replying me, I will I can fix it!