How Much Data Does the Updating Dump1090 Map Use?

I have my PiAware dump1090 screen port forwarded so that I can view it anywhere from a public IP. I would like to view the live flight map on my iPad while out at the beach, park, etc. I don’t have unlimited cellular data though. Has anyone measured how much data the updating dump1090 map screen would burn through if it ran continuously for an afternoon?

I suppose that would depend on how much traffic your receiver picks up.

For comparison:

I’m seeing 41 aircraft right now (it’s the middle of the night…obviously this would be more during the day) and the aircraft.json file is about 12KB. That is downloaded every second. So that’s 720KB every minute, or about 10MB in 15 minutes, or 40MB/hour.

During the day I see at least 150 aircraft at any given second during peak hours. Now we’re at about 45KB/sec, or 2.7MB/min; or 162MB/hour.

It can certainly add up fast.

But the file you reference is on the Pi itself, I believe. My Pi stays at home connected to WiFi. I am asking how much data the device you type into is using while displaying the live updating map data. I am looking to roam around and use cellular data to display the live map screen with the planes on my iPad potentially for several hours at a time. The Pi itself always stays at home.

The browser’s map display receives updates by fetching that file from your Pi once a second.

It’s not really designed for remote use (it works, but it’s not particularly efficient)

As obj said, that file is downloaded to your iPad from the Pi once every second while your iPad is viewing the map. That’s the only way the planes actually move on the map.