How many MSP-MDWs are expected?


I’ve heard as many as 10 daily nonstop are expected in tomorrow’s announcement.


They usually don’t come in without a high number of flights. I say 8-10 per day.


Considering they will only serve one city nonstop from MSP, I would say 8 to 10 flights a day sounds about right. If the first flight leaves between 0600 and 0700 and the last flight between 2100 and 2200, with one flight every two hours, that works out to 8 flights. Add a couple of more flights during the morning and evening rush hour, you have 10 flights.


As scottnearsmf said and as I said, Southwest is starting up with 8 flights a day between MSP and MDW. I did say 10 was possible if they added a couple of flights during the rush hour. See Airline News: Southwest for full details.


Southwest has released reports it will be 8 nonstops intially.


See my post above.

To clarify in case somebody got it wrong. I said they would start out with 8 but possibly do 10.