How Long For "New Stations" List?

Hi: I am a new user of Flight-Feeder and have been registered and reporting for over 24 hours, yet I have not shown up on the “New Stations” list in the Statistics section…How long does it usually take for this to happen? Thanks!

Steve Ziegler
Garden City, KS, USA

I take it you have claimed your Station

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I think I have! My tracking stats are showing up under the “My ADS-B” section, just not in the new stations listing…Is there something else I have to do? Thanks!


FlightFeeders are tested before they are shipped, so our stats system will have already seen them. Your FlightFeeder was tested more than 7 days ago so you’re not showing on that list. We do have some improvements on our roadmap to reset this going forward this when a new FlightFeeder ships. Sorry to disappoint you here but you should show on the other relevant stats.