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How is distance calculated?

Tar1090 showed me more flights at around 90 nm, but graphs1090 states peak range as 65 nm how’s that possible? Opensky-networks showing a distance at 103 nm/191 km…
It’s by now an indoor setup obstructed by other buildings etc… Will need to get the antenna outside.

As far as i understand graphs1090 is calculating the peak average over the given time you’re looking at.

I’ve seen a similar behavior, but i decided to not care about these details.

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Wise attitude. Makes life peaceful.

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Well, the raw data should be the same i guess. It’s a really big difference. Does the messagerate, cpuload, etc. work i graphs1090. Or is it tar1090 that is wrong?

Peak should not be an avarage. Take a look, it draws a line where it peaked.

graphs1090 will only consider ADS-B aircraft.

Also it only checks once a minute.

That may be the reason… See the attached screenshots. Graphs1090 is set to 8 hours while taking the screenshot.

2020-05-10 12_31_32-graphs1090_ Performance Graphs

2020-05-10 12_31_05-Window

yeah that seems strange.
no clue what’s going on.