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How good is my antenna

Two weeks ago, I installed my antenna in its place. (On the roof of the 16-storey building.) Works as of 31 October 2019

My stats as shown in the picture

The number of aircraft reported daily did not satisfy me :frowning:

How do you think these statistics are ?

What can I do to see more planes ?

  • can be better
  • good
  • bad

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You can just link your stats: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/Errors

There simply aren’t more aircraft flying in your region.
Range looks very good, so i doubt you can improve anything.
Working at best possible performance i’d say.


It’s funny that OP voted in his own poll.
This is almost a bragging thread, many users would love to see such a range. Not enough planes? Well… compared with what? People living in NY City?

I assume that those are almost all the planes in that area. Comparation with the FA website map for that location gives a clue.
Looks like the air corridors go “around” his area (LTAJ airport), hence the low numbers for close-by aircraft. This is because in south, Syria, now is a restricted airspace…

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I wanted to test that the survey was working. it’s funny :smiley:

I didn’t visit users and check their statistics. apparently these values are above average

I didn’t know that Syrian airspace was banned from civilian aircraft. I thought my antenna could not receive data from that area

Thanks for your answers. I guess there’s nothing I can do for more.

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I am not sure if Syrian government bans that.
But since the Russian rebels in Ukraine downed a civil aircraft in 2014, killing 298 people, no company will take the liability to fly over a conflict zone.

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people are acting very thoughtless. killing people who are not guilty is a cruel act

yes, no airline can accept this risk even if it is not forbidden

it seems clear that the terrorists there have done to innocent people. to drop a civilian plane is exactly what these people do

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The word that fits there is evil.


Airlines just saved fuel.