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How do you check the Voltage on your Pi?

I’ve used inline USB meters, but they don’t allow for a poor down-stream cable. They also have an internal current shunt - ie.the display is either the PSU voltage or the voltage seen by the Pi (no idea which).

I picked up some $1 voltmeters and attached them with velcro to the Pi case.
Accuracy is quite acceptable, but is also adjustable (via a pot) should you feel you have a better reference.
I’ve jacked it into the GPIO port to measure what the Pi really has to play with.

The voltmeter module is a two-wire design, meaning it measures its own supply (usable from 2.6V ~ 30V)
(not ideal in a noisy or precision environment, but really easy to work with)


You can plug the USB meter into one of the USB ports and without any load it should give you an accurate voltage.

I tried that. My USB meters are too bulky to sit next to a dongle
Besides, where is the fun in that!

Seems the fluke probes have positive gain.



Yes, gain set to max, after running the script.:rofl:


Are you happy with the RadarBox stick? Mine does not compare favorably to the FA Pro+.

I bought a pair of Radarbox sticks direct from Airnav when they were on special ($10usd down from $15)
(I just wanted to try one, but when I saw them discounted, I was afraid they were being discontinued)

They both perform significantly better than my generic dongles, but not as well as my RTLSDR V3 + filter/amp combo.
I don’t have an FA stick to compare, but I have no regrets buying them.

For a dongle with integrated filter and amp, they are the best value I’ve seen.

That was when I purchased mine.

Same experience here.

My experience is that it’s not even close to the FA Pro+. Regrets? No, not for $10, but I would not buy another one. :wink:

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Same antenna? Any other amplifiers in the path or solo?

Both solo. Each with their own FA antenna, 2 feet apart.