How do I Print All Porceedures 4 a given airport at one time


Last newsletter stated one could do this

  1. The subject line is just thing - what your posting is about. The subject should refer to what the posting is about. Your posting is not “Last newsletter stated one could do this” but how to print out all procedures. It’s just common courtesy not to make your readers refer to the subject line for the text of your posting.

  2. The word is “for,”, not "4. The latter indicates a quantity - you are not asking for 4 “a’s,” are you. The last word in your subject line is “once” and not “one.”

  3. Also, there should be a period or other appropriate punctuation mark at the end of your sentences.

  4. Go to the related links and click on the Airport Information, Diagrams, Procedures link.

  5. Click on “all procedures.”

  6. Assuming you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed, the procedures will be shown.

  7. Click on the printer icon (not the one for the browser) to print the procedures. Alternatively, you can right click the “all procedures” link to save the document to your hard drive.



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