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How Do I know if a plane is coming to my FBO

Hi there! I work at love field Dallas, and we have about 6 different FBOs on the field. In flight aware, how can I check to see which FBO each aircraft is going to? So I can better track who is coming to see us?
Please and thank you!

I do not believe FA has any information on that. However there is Traqpak FBO which does have a information section rather or not the aircraft has "CTU-Came to You) indication. Otherwise you would need front counter, Line Crew, or a Dispatcher to keep an ear out on the GND Freq to determine its final location.

For FA Global customers, there is a tool to notify the destination FBO ahead of time (and there is is integration with FBO Toolbox to allow tracking the inbound flight). see https://flightaware.com/news/article/FlightAware-Announces-Revolutionary-New-Feature-for-FlightAware-Global-Customers-and-ARINCDirect-Users/343

We also track the actual FBO used after the fact based on ground positions.


Why would you want to use Traqpak FBO? Signature Flight Support got rid of their Traqpak contract and switched their entire organization to FlightAware’s FBO Toolbox product because it was much more comprehensive than Traqpak. You can read about it here: