How do I find an old n number if I know the owner's name?

Anybody know??

What do you mean by “old n number?” The identification has changed? Do you know the new N-Number? Who’s the owner?

The owner of the aircraft, a few years ago, was William L Hunsaker. The aircraft was a north american snj (harvard) (t-6 texan). I checked with the FAA and he no longer owns it. I just wanted to find the n-number that was on this aircraft as of 2000.

Thank you, Tom

Do you know the serial #?

No I don’t.

If you could find the serial #, I can probably look it up.

The only number I could see ffrom an old photo that I have is from the landing gear cover. RCAF 3297. This is probably only part of the serial number.

Go to the Texan, SNJ, and Harvard section of the Warbird Registry

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you could try googling the owners name along with the model of aircraft. the N number works too if you knew the new one or vice versa to do a check on another plane. Sometimes you get a link that scrolls down to the “old” N number and you’ll find the serial number there.

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