How do I determine which method I used to install PiAware?

I installed PiAware ages ago. The default webpage is not showing up at port 80 and I do have the piaware-web package installed.

I think I need to determine what method I used to set this up initially to determine how to fix it. Is there a log file or info file or config file that will tell me what method I used?

If your Piaware is ages old, then your OS will also be ages old.
No point in trying to fix it.
It is time for a fresh install of LATEST VERSIONS of OS & Piaware.

Download one of the following latest OS and write it to your microSD card.

Which ever image you write, after writing the image do not forget to create a file named ssh in boot folder of microSD card while it is still plugged into your Laptop/Desktop.

And copy the feeder id into piaware-config.txt, otherwise a new site is created

Thanks folks. I ran out of time this past weekend for this project. I will most likely not be able to get to it until the weekend. I will take your advice and do a fresh install.