how do i delete an uploaded picture from flight aware????


plzz let me know


canyou post a link of the picture you dont want any of us to see and we can tell you how,
in the top of this box on the right side is 3 buttons, quote edit X
try the edit button, or the x button


a better question is how do you upload a picture to this server besides you have 1 post on this screen name. Either your asking us how to delete a picture on this forum to learn how to delete a picture on another fourm, or you created a second screen name 2 months ago to ask how to delete a picture on this fourm for an initial screen name, in both cases, im sure glad yoru not my husband, with the great lengths you will go to tocover up something.


Nothing Meek about you after all, is there?

The OP, SaraB, (on my planet Sara is a female name!) was probably referring to the FA Photos page: and wanting to know how to remove a pic from there. Nothing underhanded or sneaky to see here, move along.

Now, what’s your old man been up to or are you just suspicious by nature?


Post a link or send it to me by private message for the photo you want removed.


I didn’t do it, you didn’t see me, you can’t prove a thing.


how can i delete this picture? … tes/page/1

#8 … e116ba4f23

May I please have this photo deleted? It is a double post. I accidentally uploaded in horizontally lol the vertical, correct one is already up.