How do I change the Nashville default on my iPod

When I choose “Nearby” on my Touch it always defaults to Nashville. How do I change this to my area?

Are you online? The app sniffs where you’re located based on your WAP address. It should update your location automatically.

I’m online, and in Maine, far from Nashville!

You have me at a loss, sorry. When I use the APP it shows me the local traffic based on my actual location. Perhaps you could try un-installing it and reloading.

Or an even better suggestion would be to wait to see if you receive an answer from someone who knows whereof he speaks. :wink:

Wish I could be more helpful, but when I initially responded I was outside a local Panera’s a few townships over and the map showed my correct location. Now at home the map again shows my physical location correctly.

Thanks anyway. Should I mention that I have an iPod Touch and not an iPhone? It’s connecting to the wireless in my home. Odd thing though isn’t it? I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling.

I have an iTouch as well and it shows the local traffic by sniffing the WAP I"m connected to and determining its location.