How can you feed piaware data from a network you don't own?


I’m new to piaware. It was pretty easy to setup. I have a Virtual Radar Server sitting in the Cloud, so to speak. It resides on an Amazon AWS ec2 instance.

My piaware is at my house. I added port forwarding from my home router for 30005 and 30105 and bada boom, bada bing we have data going from the clouds to the Cloud.

I would like to add a second receiver to my setup. Now my daughter goes to college about 60 miles away. 5th floor dormitory with a reliable internet connection. I doubt I would be able to get the University’s IT department to add port forwarding for my piaware. I’ve read a bit about using socat. However, I couldn’t seem to get that to work.

Should I continue on that path? Any pointers? Or is there an easier solution?


You’d have to go the other way, and push data from the dorm pi to the ec2 instance, rather than port forwarding inbound connections to the pi.


I have the Port Forwarding working from my home to the ec2.instance.

How do I push data from the dorm to the ec2 instance? Is the best/easiest using socat?


socat should work.

Setting up a VPN is probably a better bet, though, since at some point you’ll probably need to do maintenance on the remote Pi.