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How can we identified that flight is delayed/early?

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How can we get alert from flightaware for flight being delay/late? We need accurate information as you have in your flight detailed view. We need flight delayed/early information for some flight only but we need accurate information.

Till this date, We set alert using (setalert) but we didn’t get alert for delayed and early flight while flight detailed view have those information.

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Is there any updates?

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No one know that how to track flight is delay/early using FlightXML? Nice Customer support dear. No one try to answer even.

If you need an on-demand status similar to the web page then FlightInfoStatus might be useful since it contains a plain text status message. However, this message will not be a perfect match to the message seen on the flight page. It would also require polling the endpoint to detect status updates.

Otherwise, some common values that can be calculated from the FlightInfoEx results are listed here: https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/faq.rvt#findstatus

When i reply to this thread, It shows me error, “The site is in read only mode. Interactions are disabled.”. Now you can talk with him, and let me know solutions for this issues.