How can one print out a discussion?

Perhaps I missed it in the FAQ or elsewhere, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to print out a discussion. Is there some way that I am unaware of?

In Opera, and probably most other browsers, click on File, Print should fill the bill? Be at the discussion you wish to print before file, print.

Opera has a print preview and it looked ok on preview on my end. I am working with Windows XP


A good way to do it is to highlight the discussion, copy it, and put it into a Word or other word processing document. This way you can delete the extraneous material.

You can also click on the print icon. This is quicker than doing file - print. In Firefox, the best browser around, this brings up a print dialog where you can change the printer settings and then print.

In Internet Explorer, clicking the print icon starts printing right away.

You may also wish to save the discussion rather than print it out. In this case, click file then save as.