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How can i see Skyview remotely?

Hi, sorry for the bad english
My second Feeder is coming and i gonna install on a friend house (free wifi), how can i see the live tracking Skyview? With my actual antenna i lose signal when the planes approach the airport (that’s weird because i have visual contact with the aircraft but the feeder lose connection) and that is the reason why I request the second Feeder.
Here in my city (SPQU-Arequipa) we only have to user (feeders) mine and other, so we dont have MLAT, with the third user (my second feeder) we can get MLAT sync?
If you could answer in Spanish would be great, otherwise I can still understand

Which colour has your flightfeeder, there are different models…

Close signals might be too strong, therefore most receivers allow you to lower the gain value.

No, unfortunately at least four are needed.

You’ll need to open a port on their router and preferably set up a dyndns account to access it always under the same address.

There are also ways to combine data feeds, but those are more complicated…

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Actually i have a Feeder Orange

That should allow you to lower the gain setting via the display.

-10 is the highest, then they go down roughly from 49 to 0.

Skyview gives some indication about signal strength, the RSSI/dBFS value. Just lower the gain and see if nearby planes show up.

Check this thread Thoughts on optimizing gain for more in-depth info