How can I find Calfire flights?

I have friends in the area of the Camp Fire in California.
I have looked for aircraft in the area of the fire, expecting to find the 24 helicopters that are listed by Calfire as being involved in this fire.
I have seen screenshots of the tracks of some fixed wing aircraft for other fires, but I don’t see any listed by Calfire for this incident. Maybe they aren’t useful in this terrain.

How can I find the aircraft for this fire?

If we have data for them available, ensure that you have “position-only flights” enabled in your FlightAware account settings. These aircraft likely won’t be on flight plan so we won’t know their intent.

I’ve read other discussions that say that the Position Only setting does nothing.
I don’t see any aircraft around Chico, except for one flight from Chico KCIC to Reno KRNO, right now. That one has a flight plan.
I have seen some of the Calfire flights around me listed with the same airport as From and To, but I can’t spot any in the KCIC listing. Maybe they don’t fly out of there. Or would a fire flight list the nearest airport, just to have a flight plan on file?

Is there an “operator” listing that I could use?

I see “The CAL FIRE scout OV-10A is a light attack plane operated out of Chico, CA” in one news article, but it probably only flies when there are fixed wing, and I don’t think those are involved today. I don’t see ov-10A in the “browse by type” in the airborne listing.

I added KCIC and one OV-10A tail number to my alerts, along with ov-10A, although I’m not sure that’s a valid thing to put in there.

So, it seems like I will only be able to track Calfire that my receiver can see.
I’m a little short of range, in that respect. An area that interests me most is just at the limit of my range for high altitude, due to terrain. I probably can’t see any low flying aircraft.

I might have to buy one of my former neighbors a piAware, and set up VPN.

Today, I got an application alert for an OV-10 flight, on my Android phone.
I can see two flights listed, for two different OV-10s. One has a track that is of interest. The other does not.
I have no idea how to select which track I want to see in a map.

If I click on the map icon in the upper right, I get tracks with no identifiers, on the map.
I think I am seeing three different tracks.