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How can a american airlines flight leaves Santa Barbara to Dallas run out of fuel and land in Lubbock for fuel !n

American Airlines flight leaves Santa Barbara CA to Dallas Texas, Has to land in Lubbock Texas for fuel as they can’t make it to Dallas on a clear day !!!

Without knowing any specifics I’d say that winds aloft were not as strong as predicted. Or maybe there was a maintenance issue and AA just said it was fuel.

Santa Barbara has a relatively short runway, so that weight-restricting the aircraft for takeoff is typical there. Fuel weight is the adjustable issue in this case. Proper, safe reserve fuel, including flight to a suitable alternate airport, is always a consideration. Variables in flight, i.e., winds at altitude, vectors off-course given by ATC, enroute holding for other considerations, mechanical problems, adverse weather and a host of other factors dictate whether a fuel stop will be required. Santa Barbara-DFW was always a city-pair that required close monitoring of the fuel situation in the B-757 back when I was flying that. Hope that provides a bit more insight. DRH