How are you paid


I am not going to ask wage rate just a simple question:

When you recieve a performance review (if that is something your company does) how soon do you recieve your pay increase for that review?

Now I understand some people are bound by a union contract which spells out time frames for pay increases…

In the past I have worked for 2 airlines, 1 union 1 non, and 3 different ground contractors. In the case of the contract handlers, pay was increased within a week or 2 after being given the review. Isn’t this the “Norm”?


I would absolutely expect it within a pay cycle, e.g. after the next paycheck, unless it was spelled out differently in contract language, e.g. upon some anniversary.

IOW, absent contract language establishing something different, if I’m paid bi-weekly I would expect the raise to be reflected NLT the second paycheck after my increase is announced.

A good, small shop that handles their own payroll might be able to start paying you the raise immediately, but a pay cycle for the accounting dept. to catch up is the accepted norm.

Whenever I had the good fortune to give one of my guys or gals a raise I always told them what day it would be effective and made sure any paychecks after that date showed a retroactive increase.



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The rest (I will qualify MOST) of corporate America, well you can draw your own conclusions.


at the different airlines I was with the increases (cough) were usually on the next check. If it wasn’t it was the 2nd, but they usually retro’d the time to the date of review. This was back in the ‘good ole days’ though.


It usually takes me two pay periods to recieve any change, but it is retroactive to the date of review. But its going to depend on the size of the company as well.


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First I’d like to say Thank you for the feedback. I brought this question up since we at FX all get reviewed throughout various times of the year, we don’t get our pay increase until March. So in my case I got a review in Oct. but my doesn't come until March...and it isn't retro back. I have a friend who gets his review in May and gets the the following March…BS huh?!


I don’t think it’s BS. It’s probably more efficient for the company to do it this way. Much better to spread out the reviews through the year - based on your anniversary date? - then have all of the payraises paid at the same time.


Agree… Especially with what I bolded in your response. Talk about lost income…

You only confirm what I posted earlier to JHEM’s response in what is right and what is done are two different things.


If you are covered by a union contract then it sounds like you need to get your union off of their collective overpaid assess and change the contract to read that you get the pay raise right away or make it retroactive.

Errata: I changed “bonuses” to “pay raises” in my posting above.


As I mentioned earlier in this thread, and as David wisely pointed out, sometimes there’s actually a reasonable explanation for what appears to be a Bork at first glance.

If raises are given annually based on your date of hire or promotion, and everyone knows this, then it’s not a completely unreasonable method for handling salary increases. I’ve always argued that it should only apply to calendar increases and not ones based on merit, which should be applicable immediately.

But I believe performance reviews should be a bit more in keeping with the date of the event, not six to eleven months before it, or people will tend to abuse the system by relaxing on the job once their review is complete.

It always puzzled me that the reviews for bonuses at my wife’s former employer were conducted six to eight months before the bonuses were awarded, as though prior performance was to be viewed as a guarantee of continuity of same. I know she frequently bemoaned the fact that some of her people tended to slack off after their bonus review was in the can.


I agree with you James as long as the increase is within a pay cycle of the due salary increase. Spacing out the increases for employees is more then reasonable and IMHO should be based on date of hire or promotion to spread out the expenditures.

Delay of payment due to the employee longer then a pay cycle, then the company is only getting interest on money that was due as an employee and the employee is not getting what he is due in a timely manner. In otherwords, 3 month delay on a pay increase based on time in service is quite excessive in these eyes.

And like you said, if a pay increase is based on merit, it should be immediate (separate award check if need be).

What IADFXMD11HVY describes doesn’t sound like a “Bork” as you describe as he indicated he wasn’t getting any retro pay (the way I read it anyway).


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If you get a review of your PERFORMANCE every year on the day you are hired…say 10/6, and you don’t get the $ to reflect that review until March it is pretty crazy. This isn’t bonus money, this isn’t cost of liveig increase, this is directly tied to a year of doing my job and then being rated on my performance. EVERY company as I said above would do the same thing and the money was soon to follow.

This is WHY I do support a union contract. If there is going to be this once a year pay increase across the board, so be it…then it shouldn’t be tied to a perfoemance review. I have been in the industry for close to 16 years, and have never seen this type of pay policy, this is for both union and non-union companies.


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