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How about current positions/hour global chart

As the world adjusts to the current COVID-190 virus, air travel is restricted, halted, etc.

When I look at the stats page https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/ I make note of the current positions per hour, currently at 84,523,167, at the top of the page. I think I’ve seen 125 million / hour a few weeks back.

As we all ponder our own sites and dropping numbers I think it would be interesting to see a chart that shows total numbers over some amount of hours/days.

Is this something the FA team could easily add? If website traffic is a concern, maybe require a logged-in user to access the page.

Another approach would be to create a few interesting charts and use it to promote the FlightAware App and do a press release of some sort. You have unique and interesting information and might as well put it to use.

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Completely unscientific numbers for March from one of the piaware servers:

 257557964743  01.btsv
 271191861777  02.btsv
 279484938860  03.btsv
 284813458489  04.btsv
 296340793356  05.btsv
 307160830717  06.btsv
 277822681314  07.btsv
 285469864260  08.btsv
 288669276391  09.btsv
 280901662661  10.btsv
 279497890532  11.btsv
 291265942968  12.btsv
 298638608259  13.btsv
 258764213215  14.btsv
 257276506533  15.btsv
 263167116547  16.btsv
 249924531452  17.btsv
 246775595866  18.btsv
 227598096329  19.btsv
 225474087370  20.btsv
 188643579647  21.btsv
 170026323105  22.btsv
 149552587001  23.btsv

These are just file sizes, not position counts, and it’s only from one server - but, very roughly, traffic is down about 50% at thiis stage.

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