'Hourly Received Reports' stats box working on UTC time?

As of today, I’ve noticed that the data shown in the ‘Hourly Received Reports’ box is working on UTC time, where the data in the ‘Hourly Collection’ box above it is still shown as local time. Per the notice given at the top of the stats page (“NOTE: Hourly data is reported in the site’s local time. Daily data is reported in UTC time.”), it would seem that they should both be shown in my local time - and both of them were up until sometime early today or last night.

This seems to be affecting all sites that I run or friends run in the central time zone, but doesn’t seem to be affecting sites in the Eastern or Pacific time zones when I check the stats for some friends’ sites.


Image linking isn’t working (again) for whatever reason… Here’s a screenshot:


Oddly it looks OK here:

(I guess that’s not exactly the same site I’m looking at, but all your sites look OK)

(edit: I take it back, I wasn’t looking at the production site; something a little weird going on here)

Ok, well I guess we can be confused together then. :confused:

Just now looked around again and I’m only seeing this issue with sites in the central time zone (not just mine - any sites I check). Hmmmm…

The weird thing is that it’s OK on the internal staging site but not on the live site, but there are no changes between the two that could do that; so it’s an environmental thing somewhere…

Anyway, I created a bug report for it.

Yep, mine are UTC as well, since yesterday (Saturday).

Same here. Also noticed in "Aircraft Reported (All Sites) total count lower than 3 out of 4 feeders. ‘Sumthing’ is not summing right.

Same here. Central Time Zone. Stats for this site have not been updated, although feeding all day.

Thought that the server was running a little slow.

I don’t know what this means, can you explain?

This one is, I think, a one-off glitch resulting from the conversion of everything to feeder IDs. Working on a fix.

Is this what caused the data to apparently not be taken for an hour at about 04:00 BST (03:00 UTC) too?
Will this affect longest streaks?
Which logs should I examine at my end to find out more info?
I’m using PiAware; just saying in case that matters.

You CDT guys can’t have all the fun. The problem has migrated east.

Graphic also shows the issue with data not being received during the 3:00 UTC hour.


Same here, my hourly reports add up to significantly more aircraft than my “Aircraft Reported” figure

I also have “Nothing Received” between 3am and 4am this morning.

My Saturday numbers don’t tally either, Hourly Reports total up to 3238 but “Aircraft reported” shows 1,371.

That is as far back as I have gone so far

That was an actual outage on our end. (Murphy has been paying a visit)

My Aircraft reported figure has now dropped right back down to 51 since midnight…

This is either a bigger problem than you think or a bigger problem than you are admitting to. I have just gone back a little further and totalled up aircraft for 13th July and here are the results:

Hourly Received Reports total 3693
Aircraft Reported total 1508
A discrepancy of over 2,000 aircraft over one 24hr period!**

Your maths is wrong. The hourly reports count unique aircraft in the hour. The daily reports count unique aircraft in the day. The same aircraft might be seen in several different hourly buckets across the course of a day, so it’s normal for the sum of hourly aircraft to be greater than the daily number.

(This is also why recalculating the daily numbers is not a trivial exercise - we actually have to reprocess all the data, not just add up the hourly numbers)

Sorry for the confusion. Whatever was the cause appears to be resolved. I’m running a total of six devices. At the time I posted, the graph showing all site showed the line for ‘all sites’ was lower than each of three sites. I posted as it may have been a clue to other issues.
Seems fine now.
Thanks. All your work is much appreciated.