Hourly Received Reports not showing updates from my station

I’m getting a similar problem with the Hourly Received Reports table, which shows nothing received from me for the last few hours.

However, when I log into my account, the pop-ups from the green buttons (PiAware, Flightaware, & MLAT) all show me as connected, as does (I think) the Log from the ‘Configure’ screen.

It did this yesterday but then updated overnight to reflect what had been sent by my station. It used to show this information almost in real time, so I could tell when everything’s working properly. Now, I haven’t a clue what’s happening.

I’m confused as to what’s happening - either Flightaware can see me or it can’t!

Is there a simple way of checking this?

Graham :confused:

Same on my side…

I was looking “Nearby” stats and quite a few of stations are with the same issue, working but not receiving credits. I think it´s something related to software. I´m using dump1090-mutability-dev and not dump1090-fa. Other than that I can´t see why we are not receiving our feedback.

it shouldn´t cause such a “blackout” as I have older stations that are 100% on stats.

Just had read this topic:


That´s the explanation.

Thanks fo the replies.

Looks like the problem hasn’t quite gone away!

Thansk for the link - good to know it’s out of my hands.

After a brief glitch this morning, seems to be OK at the moment.