Hot, hot, hot


I imagine that you folks might also get a kick out of this hot video clip.


Hey, you’ve been holding back on us! The news reader said “every flight” yet you deny us most flights by not having all of the VFR flights shown! :smiley:

Outside of the small mistake, a pretty good PR piece for FlightAware.


Great job, fellas!



thats so cool, congrats!



FA does it again! I love it!


Kudos again Daniel…Mark, David and Karl too! Don’t you guys ever sleep!!! :laughing:


Hi Daniel,

My Norton AntiVirus keeps blocking the FA video and entire site after I click that link. Is there another location of that video you can link me to? If not, can you briefly explain how I can safely view the clip?



You could disable Norton or perhaps try … r_traffic/


My Norton Anti-Virus stopped both videos as worm intrusions. It finds buffer overflow conditions and concludes that they are worms .


Not to get off aviaition and start a software thread here, but Norton really ticked me off this week. Had a hard drive failure on my main computer at work, which coincided with a week’s worth of failed backups (via network). I spent two full days trying to figure out why backups were failing. Turned out that Norton Anti Virus was blocking out my computer because it thought it was a worm attack (probably same as reported above). There was NO worm, just Norton being cranky.

Any of you having similar problems should try turning off Norton’s worm detection (firewall) and turn Windows Firewall back on. Fixed my problem right up! After having spent a small fortune on Symantec products over the years I’ll look into McAfee and other products from now on!


There are many in IT who consider Norton AV and its many ill managed bells and whistles to be little more than a virus itself.

Zonealarm Pro for reliable Firewall security and Kaspersky for AV.