Horizon Air 25th Anniversary September 1, 1981 - 2006



They still do a good job with an excellent safety record.


Perfect timing! On a flight from SEA to MSO, I got a picture of…

I just got done flying a Citation II (Bravo) from MSO to GPI. It was only on a simulator, but I envy those Horizon Dash 8 pilots who fly from MSO to GPI. It is SO beautiful.


Here is the anniversary flgiht. It hasn’t departed yet. SEA-YKM. Ya! My neck of the woods. :slight_smile:


I dont think that’s it. It will be a DH8D for Q400. DH8B is Q200.


Oh ya. I forgot to check the aircraft type. :wink:

Edit: The flight with the Q200 (B) already arrived. I wonder if the scheduled flight is the Q400.


normal white Q400 came in first with employees from Seattle http://flightaware.com/live/flight/QXE901

25th special paint Q400 came in later http://flightaware.com/live/flight/QXE854

Also note… Horizon flights to/from Yakima are still numbered 1-17




My brother, who is now a Hawker 800 Captain for Netjets, started out flying a Fairchild Metro III for Horizon out of Seattle. Like many pilots, my brother knew he was gonna fly from when he was a kid, and he built many model airplanes too. My brother also did a gig flying cargo for Ameriflight out of KBFI. Congrats to Horizon…I hope to fly with them someday!

                 doug in KC