Hoping everyone at FA HQ is safe

First and foremost, Here is to hoping that Daniel, Mark, and everyone there at HQ is safe, and how serendipitous it is that they just moved to a new building (hopefully high enough) that nothing is lost. Again, seriously hoping and praying all are safe down there. I have relatives in the Spring area who we’re still trying to get hold of.

And again, even more so that the servers for FA are located well offsite, as they have been rock solid and stable throughout the entire event. Thank you for keeping this service available to us, and definitely expect donations to be coming!



Everyone is accounted for and safe at FA. Thank you for your kind words. Although the storms have passed there is still a lot to be done.

We have not moved to the new office just yet, but the offices are high and dry. We had people offsite to maintain servers that are outside of Houston in case assistance was needed and there was no issues at our main datacenter in Houston. Additionally, we have an amazing team who worked from home or the road to keep the wheels turning. We have also had staff deliver donations and volunteer locally and even had some of the team out helping get people out of flooded areas. It is truly an amazing group of people.

We hope you are able to reach your relatives soon and hope they are safe. Again, thank you for the kind words, they are very much appreciated.