What ever happened to Hooters Air?

They don’t come up in “Enter Airline Name Here”, but their web site says they’re still flying.

I read they closed up about a week ago.

I just found an article that says “Hooters Air, is bowing out of regularly scheduled air service. The airline will cease its public charter flights April 17 and will run only private charters out of Winston Salem, N.C.”

Even so, don’t private charter lines operate with an airline code and flight numbers instead of just a ‘N’ tail number? Look at LXJ and EJA, for example.

I just found a PCE flight, scheduled out of KDAL. PCE is shown as “Piedmont Aviation Services, Inc. D/B/A Pace Airlines ‘Pace’”. The article referenced above says, “Hooters Air will serve large groups such as sports teams and tour groups, which was the original business model for Pace Airlines. Brooks acquired Pace in December 2002.”

It’s all rather odd. Is Piedmont operating Hooter’s flights? Is Hooter’s ‘PCE’? Does Piedmont operate different airlines, each with their own ‘D/B/A’ in the title and different airline codes?

Yes, Hooters is Pace, or PCE. They fly into ABE pretty frequently (for now :cry: ), and here is an example of one of the Hooters flights.

Thanks for the confirmation, Newark.

It sure isn’t intuitive that if you’re looking for Hooters, you need to find Pace. That’s life in the airline business, I guess.

Any other non-intuitive examples?

Apple Vacations uses USA3000 for it’s airline and they go by GWY which is called Getaway… go figure