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This is merely curiosity as network security is an interest of mine.

If a Raspberry Pi is being used as a dedicated PiAware device does the Pi contact FlightAware to send data or do FlightAware contact the Pi to request data?

Appreciate most networks work behind a router but always aware that with connection to internet 24/7 other network devices can be vulnerable.


Hi @send2gl
Well if you notice on the local device if you look on the screen and place your mouse on the network button it shall mentioned as “remote management VPN connection” so I assume that the connection is secured.

@ericcarlson please correct me if im wrong

Well else you should isolate the flightfeeder on a different router …:thinking:
@david.baker @jonhawkes2030 need your expertise

No screen, runs headless and also Raspian Lite so only command line access.


Please see this thread: Security check - what can FlightAware staff access? - #5 by ericcarlson

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The original poster asked about PiAware.

FlightFeeders are remotely managed by FlightAware.

In either case, if you have concerns about network security, you can setup a DMZ or double NAT on your network.

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