Holy cow, FlightAware is more real-time than other sources


For the past four years I have been using the Flight Explorer client on avweb.com. Tonight I ran that and FlightAware side by side and was kind of shocked… Flight Explorer was WAY behind, by about 5 minutes or so! This after I examined about 10 different flights around Texas.

For example, XNA127 (Express Net), an A300, is, according to FlightAware, skimming by downtown Dallas as it is about to land at DFW in a few minutes. On Flight Explorer, the plane is still about 25 miles southeast of Dallas, and seemingly 10 minutes or so from landing. Geez!

Obviously I will be turning to FlightAware to figure out what plane is in the sky. I wonder what the problem is with those other servers… and will probably be cancelling my avweb.com subscription.



glad to be of service!