Holding patterns

Where can i see aircraft in holding patterns on flightaware?

Honestly, unless there is some major event happening, like a TFR for the POTUS or a runway configuration change, the best place to look for holding patterns is in London, around EGLL. Every arrival into Heathrow ends at a holding pattern, as apparently they will send one aircraftat a time down the glideslope on their approach. So their holds are stacked as well, like a FIFO queue.

Also, they will not clear another aircraft to land until the previous arrival has cleared the runway, so you’ll see a lot of nice holds there.

Second place would be KLAS in a runway configuration change, as they have 4 different configurations they can use. Changing from one to another would require using the published holds on the RNAV and non-RNAV arrivals.

So try EGLL first, followed by KLAS (though check the METAR or ATIS for KLAS to see what they are using and when they might change).


Check for a yellow airport symbol: fly.faa.gov/flyfaa/usmap.jsp then zoom in on it here.