Holding Indefinitely on Step 1 of Flight Planning


After filling out the Step 1 page of Flight Planning and clicking ‘next’, the box pops up saying “Please HOLD as published at FLIGHTAWARE” and “Expect further clearance in less than 60 seconds.” The little airplane holding animation continues forever.

I have tried multiple browser sessions, multiple browsers (Chrome, IE), restarting my Win7 computer, changing all the info for the Flight Plan to various places around the US and made multiple attempts over the last three days. I have let the holding animation go for up to an hour. The only variable I have not been able to change is my current location: Qatar.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on what I can try? I sent an email to support, but they haven’t gotten back to me, yet.


Thanks for the post, we’ll look into what was holding you up in our logs. No relation to your current location.


I don’t see any errors for you.

Can you post the output of flightaware.com/fix ?


I’m not getting any errors…just constant “holding”.

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Okay, I’m back in the United States and have tried from multiple computers and multiple internet connections. No joy.

Same problem…holding forever. Could you please address this?


Can you post or email me (username @ flightaware.com) the settings you’re using? Origin, destination, aircraft, souls, etc.