holding for weather shows arrived over 20 minutes ago


I am watching AND LISTENING to flightaware.com/live/flight/FLG974A

They have been holding for severe weather on the 270 radial of DDD VOR they have just been cleared to the final approach fix TOCKEY for ILS 9 at KMLI

Why is it showing arrived 20 minutes ago? The time now is 19:32Z and it is still on the approach and has been still showing on the tracklog? As I am pressing submit they are reducing speed and cleared for the approach.

Same story on this flight flightaware.com/live/flight/ASQ83 , currently in the air showing arrived 21 minutes ago at 19:39Z just cleared for the approach.

One other problem with the map server: Look at the difference in NEXRAD returns for the two airplanes. Severe weather for ASQ83 at KMLI but ZERO weather showing for FLG974A at KMLI

P.S. - I saved the bitmaps of the radar overlaid on the flights since I know it is dynamic, if you need them.


Unfortunately, we got arrival notifications prior to the actual arrival. This is a glitch in the data we receive and in our development environment, we’ve somewhat implement logical checks to extrapolate corrections to this data.

As far as the NEXRAD weather, everything looks OK now – you need to save the full URL of the map image you receive for us to be able to debug the situation. For example:



Thanks, I assume you are receiving lat/long/alt/time with the same beacon code from the data stream even after the scheduled arrival and can sanity check it. The TRACON involved (KMLI) never lost radar contact (I would have heard) and has good coverage where these planes were at those altitudes from personal experience. ZAU would have handed them off somewhere around 10,000 feet.

The flight from Atlanta showed track info until glideslope intercept altitude for that approach at 2400 feet.

The NEXRAD site feeding the KMLI airport is only 10 miles away at KDVN so weather from both flight directions would have been using that site in the mosaic. All radar data was missing from the flight from MSP. It just didn’t get overlaid. I will save the full URL if I find it in the future and post for debugging.