hit by lightning today


Mesaba Airlines CRJ900 flying as Delta Connection hit by lightning today at 16,000 feet on approach into Washington D.C. from JFK. Will that airplane continue? Entry hole in nose, exit in tail area.


It should be fine. Airplanes are designed to handle lightning strikes although I’m sure the plane will be throughly checked for any problems.

scientificamerican.com/artic … en-lightni


That’s what Speed Tape is for.


Saw a King Air A100 that was hit a few years ago. Looked like someone had ran a bead of weld down the bottom of the fuselage all the way to the tail.

A fishing boat I was delivering was hit. Found out the hard top was not grounded. $20,000+ insurance claim when complete. Happened to be looking at the compass. Looked like one of those disco lights you touch and the electricity follows your finger. VHF antennas were in 100 pieces on the cockpit floor. Fried the electronics. All of them. Scaredist I have ever been.

And my home in NC was struck in April of this year. $17,000 insurance claim on that one.

I don’t like lightning very much.