history about flight Easyjet EZS1470 from 30.07.2017


Good morning,

I desperately try to find historical data about the flight Easyjet EZS1470 (from Copenhagen to Geneva) from the 30.07.2017 but cannot find anything anywhere.

This flight was supposed to land in Geneva on the 30.07.2017 at 23.00 coming from Copenhagen where it was supposed to take off at 20.50.
Eventually it was delayed at take off because of late arrival, then, we eventually took off but we missed the curfew at Geneva airpot (00.30) and were rerouted to land in Lyon where we landed at 00.52.

How can i access the proof that such plane landed in Lyon at 00.52. Nowhere on any of the flight tracker web site, i can find information about this flight.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot,