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Historical flights over Benson, UK (EGUB)

Hi all, I live close to Benson aerodrome so I’m used to night time low level training flights from Chinooks, Puma and Apache helicopters and they don’t disturb my beauty sleep :wink:

However, early this morning I was woken by a low flying helicopter whose sound I did not recognise. Has anyone captured flights in this area between 01:00 and 04:00 for 25 June 2020. I thought it was heading South from the aerodrome. Thanks

51.6N -1.13W

I’m a little distance away but conditions were good and I’ve checked, I did track some helicopters in that area last night.

You’ll have to be quick @triggers because my timelapse wraps the previous 24 hours.

Click here to see it. The first thing to do is stop the motion so click the 0x button.

Zoom the map to the area you want and then click the End button which takes you to the current time.

You can use the <<1h button to get you to when you want to start (say 00:00) and then select the playback speed. Note that 80x is the fastest you can go in a single click but the Faster button will speed it up from there. Once the helicopters come into view, you can slow the replay down and click on them for more details.

I hope this helps and that you see this before it’s overwritten.

Hi Keith, thanks it looks like it was 2 helicopters flying close together at about 01:35 with the call signs Alien1 and Alien 2 They flew around the area for a while then went back to Benson.

You’re welcome, Dave. Glad you were able to get to it before it was overwritten.

I’ve now installed @wiedehopf timelapse in case I need some history in the future.
Your setup is amazing. From where you are located, the Chiltern hills are in the way but you seem to be able to see through them :smiley: