Historical Airport Status Data

Hey All,

How can I find historical data for an airports operating status? I am trying to determine on which dates and at what times particular airports would be considered closed or open. I have been searching the internet for the information and I do not seem to be having any luck finding such info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You’ll have to start by explaining what you mean by “open” or “closed”. Airports don’t generally “close” other than flight operations might be shut down for a specific period of time due to weather, the establishment of a temporary or permanent ADIZ by the FAA or other outside agencies, etc.

If it’s a busy enough airport that you could use flights operating as a proxy for the airport being open, you could buy a history report from us and see when flights did/didn’t happen.

You might search around for the Airport Condition File ( or Airport Condition Record, I can’t remember.)

Each airport will keep a record of all Notice to Airmen issued for the airport.

How long these records are required to be stored, I’m not sure.

But, like JHEM pointed out, what constitutes “closed” for an aviation professional and what is called “closed” by the general public is often quite a different definition.