Highest Message Rate for Two Years

The last two days have given the highest message rates I’ve seen on a ProStick Plus in the last two years:


Possibly a combination of extra interrogation, world events and building high pressure, but already today before 8am I’m seeing 1910 Messages/sec and that’s before the GA flights ramp up.

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Around 09:30 on May 12th, hit a new peak messages/sec for me.

Anyone else seeing a massive lift in the message rate today (for me, since about 07:45 2022/09/07)?

My ProStick Plus has just exceeded 2000 messages per second :smiley:


I also have an Airspy and that is showing a corresponding rise:

It looks like the DF11 has spiked upwards


I’m located in UK west country not far from Fairford.
Curious if other folks see anything similar.

Yes, I’m seeing the same.
(Near Portsmouth)


An unusual peak in message rate for a Sunday evening around 17:30


2047 per sec on on the ProStick Plus is exceptionally high for me


Similar here but also a very noticeable short raise and drop over lunchtime.