High Quality Filter/Preamplifier

Recently started to test run a new preamplifier with ceramic filters and have seen a dramatic increase in the counts recorded on my FlightAware coverage map.
AirSpy is the US seller of the filter/preamp. A less expensive preamplifier only version is available. I would guess that the FlightAware 1090 MHz filter could be inserted in line with the preamp non filter model.

store.uputronics.com/index.php? … duct_id=50

The less expensive model has a saw filter.The more expensive model has a ceramic filter.
It could depend on your location as to which would work better(or be better value for money).

They recently release a 978Mhz UAT version with the saw filter.
This is only useful in the U.S. where 978Mhz UAT is used.

Your stats show a significant increase this week. You will probably be the top feeder(AC and Position reports) in your area next week and be better than top 200 overall feeders in the next few weeks.
I have seen improvements about half of this level from using a later version of dump1090.

Thank you for the thoughtful comments.

These amplifiers will work best with an Airspy. Here’s one at work feeding a Beast and an Airspy through a power splitter:

satsignal.eu/mrtg/performanc … eriod=week

We have just released an SDR dongle with an integrated amplifier on sale at Amazon.

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