Hidden City Conundrum


This is one argument that isn’t cut and dry. Okay, here’s the paradox. This is hypothetical. I can fly DAY-CVG-LAX for $296 or CVG-LAX for $850. Now say I live in Cincinatti. I may say, hey, I can book the day-cvg-lax for a lot less then the nonstop, and just not show up for my Dayton run. Now, most, if not all airlines have a rule that forbids this and will void you’re ticket.

Argument 1: It is the airlines rules, and you are clearly trying to scam them out of money, and therefore should pay more to do this when checking in, or be void you’re ticket.

Argument 2: You bought the ticket. It is you’re money payed, and you have a right to show up for a leg or not. In fact, less weight on the plane would save the airline money, even a small amount. It is not moral for an airline to charge you more for less.

I agree with argument 1, but that is just me.



And that’s why argument #2 is always going to lose. Airlines aren’t moral.


And that’s why argument #2 is always going to lose. Airlines aren’t moral.


when someone doesn’t show up for the first leg of the flight, they are considered a no show and the reservation is cancelled. Depending on the type of ticket is may be used for another flight, with change fee’s and difference of fare, or say you buy a ticket from like hotwire or cheaptickets, your pretty much out the money of the ticket


must be on DL :confused:


Im sure DAMI will jump in soon, but I vaguely remember a thread regarding Southwest allowing this somehow when purchasing their tickets? :question:

edit - searching for it but no cigar


From Southwest Airlines Customer Service Committment

With respect to all of our fares, Southwest Airlines does not prohibit or penalize what is commonly known as “hidden city” ticketing, or does it prohibit or penalize what is commonly known as “back to back” ticketing. “Hidden city” and “back to back” reservations and tickets are authorized for travel on Southwest Airlines. It is important to note that your luggage will be checked to the final destination as shown in your reservation record. Should you choose to deplane at a stopover or connection point, you will be responsible for making arrangements to have your luggage delivered to you. Southwest will not entertain a lost or delayed baggage claim or interim expenses in this circumstance.


Remember the whole thing is hypothetical, and this kind of pricing isn’t unique to Delta.


Does Southwest’s pricing model make hidden city ticketing attractive? Or will AAA-BBB-CCC always be more expensive than BBB-CCC regardless of demand?


I think it would depend on the markets and any fare sales going on at the time.

I know Southwest occasionally advertises fares that are valid on non-stop flights only (e.g. OAK-DEN was advertised like this; they also had connecting flights via LAX). This may be a way for the to help reduce the hidden city/beyond city fares while not actually eliminating their use.


I think Southwest sets pricing by segment. This may be part of the reason that Southwest is beat by other carriers on transcon passengers. If I fly, PHL-LAX, PHL-MDW may be cheap, and MDW-LAX may be cheap, but it adds up to an expensive fare. I could be wrong, but I think that is how Southwest does there pricing. We need Dami to answer this.


Also, look at it this way - If hidden city ticketing were allowed, DL wouldn’t just lower the fare on CVG-LAX. Instead they would raise the fare on DAY-LAX to make using it as a hidden city unattractive. This means fewer people would fly from DAY (both local and those leaking from the CVG market) and DAY would lose service to reflect the higher fare.


One Way Fares

CMH-ATL $1,000
CMH-BHM with a change of planes in ATL $91

Solution, carry on luggage only and unfortunately miss connection to BHM.


Hypothetical except for those of us that actually live in Cncinnati…and play this game every time we fly. :wink:

I once drove right past CVG en route to Louisville to save $700 on a flight…then due to weather missed my connection in Cincinnati. Delta did take good care of me though…back in the days of customer service.


I feel bad for you Cincinatti residents. It must be terrible being gouged for every ticket. I wonder how much extra revenue Delta actually gains by high local fares. The fares bring in money, but make for a hub with small local traffic. And they can’t be making money on rock bottom fares out of Dayton.