here is a picture i found

since the dangers of bird strikes have been in our news lately you go to this site and check this out … _photo.php what whould have happend if the nose cone would have come off?? wouldnt have been good I think.


Probably the biggest threat if it came off would’ve been if it ended up in an engine. The 141 was a high wing, w/ 4 wing mounted engines. If it was relatively intact, if it entered an engine it would’ve been 1 and not all so the aircraft would’ve still been able to fly more than likely. The aircraft would still fly minus the nose cone though. You could probably guess there’d be some radar equip damage, but the aircraft could still land safely.

I guess the lesson here is that US Scareways incident was a completely freak accident, and bird strikes have happened since the dawn of aviation time. Sometimes the worst happens, but once again, redundancy and procedure is there to save the day usually, and when it doesn’t a well trained flight crew is another method to rely on.

Frank Holbert

I’d just like to say I’m sick of the people who are always looking for someone to blame after an aviation accident. When you board a plane there is, while extremely unlikely, a chance you will die on that plane if it crashes into the ground and you make the choice to get on that plane. We have made aviation extremely safe, but you can’t beat Murphy all the time.

Sometimes shit happens. But in most aviation accidents, there is usually somebody to blame! I think US1549 is one of those “shit happens” scenarios. CJC3407 may or may not be. People need to be held accountable for their actions (or inactions) when things go wrong. If you don’t LOOK for someone to blame, then you will simply let shit like this to continue!