Help with preparing for FO interview with Pinnacle Airlines.

I received a call today from Tiffiney Bethany Pinnacle Airlines Inc. People Department asking if I would like to interview for an FO position. This kind of comes out of the blue but I am up for it. I want to prepare for the Interview and simulator ride (and anything else they may throw at me). I have an ATP with 4150TT, 1510ME,80 turbine. What are the good websites for this and are there any training companies that come to mind for the simulator preparation? I have to do this prep ASAP.


Up front, I don’t know anything about that airline. I’ve seen links off sites like Airline Pilot Central where there are online reviews of the airlines and their interview process. Additionally there are local companies that help prep you for the interview and simulator. Some of them actually use the same airline’s pilots who teach the prep class.

The most important thing is your attitude. In addition to knowing your stuff, will they see you as somebody they want to be locked in a small space for hours at a time?

Good luck with everthing and report back what you learn before and after the interview.

For gouge prep try It’ll cost you a little money, but there is good stuff on Pinnacle from recent interview experiences.

For the simulator, remember to “point it” where you want it to go… it won’t fly and feel like an actual airplane does.

Good luck.