Help with power inserter


Many month ago, I purchased an EagleAspen SA-2050+ LNA good for the 950-2200 MHz range. Cannot seem to find a power inserter that outputs in the 13-20 V range required by the amp.

However, I have the power supply from an older Radio Shack VHF/UHF/FM amplifier (part no 15-1109), but don’t have the separate amplifier module which was designed to locate at the t.v. antenna. With no load it outputs 13.5 V to the coax connector, which is just right for the EagleAspen amp. The power module also has an switchable FM trap and a gain adjuster.

The question is, while it appears to be just a power injector (with some signal filtering via the FM trap), is there anything I need to be aware of that could cause trouble. I would assume there would be no problem using with the Eagle Aspen, but making this decision is still above my pay grade.

Any information or assistance would be appreciated. Would seem ideal for my second piaware Raspberry pi which needs some amplification.



Not sure about the partial Radio Shack amplifier but one of these should do the trick if you looking for something else.


I bought one for my other Pi to power a PerfectVision PVLA-30 amp. This inserter is easy to come by but the problem is that it is rated at 21 V while the amp is rated at 13 - 20 V. I suppose this would work though would rather find one that had a bit lower output.



the worst that could happen is not very much. This almost a analogue design and on the lower voltage just not work as well.