help with my brother jesse


My brother Jesse found out in Jan 2012 that he has kidney cancer. They immediately took out his kidney and had him on chemo pills. Just last week he became completely immobile and could not use his legs. I took him to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Ks and a Cat scan of his brain shows a large mass on his cranium and a MRI shows a mass on l4 and a mass on l10 inside his spinal cord. We also found out that the cancer has spread into his brain and spinal fluids. Chalmers Cancer Center has now given him 1-3 months to live and we are needing help with be able to get his 3 daughters ( ages 11, 8, and 5 along with their mom) here from New York to spend some time with him before he passes. He has not seen his daughters in 4 years. Any and all help with is welcome and appreciated beyond any amount of words.


First, I’m sorry about your family’s situation.
You may want to check with Angel Flight.


thank you so much for replying. i have emailed them as well. i am looking at every avenue to help my brother in seeing his girls. if you have any other suggestions, ideas, or helpful hints please don’t hesitate to email me back as this has become my first priority other than my own children.
again, thank you so much



Here is a link which list various groups and airline programs to help those with medical problems. Thoughts, prayers, best wishes for you and your family.