Help please - need to move web server port to another number


Hello Folks,

I need to free up the PiAware web page to another port, maybe temporary, and maybe not.

I’m in the middle of setting up VRS and it’s web admin needs 8080 so I can get to it and then try and change it’s port number!

I can’t seem to get to any config file for either of them so far.

I’m running PA 3.5.0 card image.

Like I said might be a temporary shift needed or it may need to be permanent depending on what I find in VRS admin, once I can get in there.

Hope someone knows and can help, don’t want to stop my feeds to FA while doing this (well a quick reboot is fine).

Ian, with no sig line. (grrrrr…)


If you prevent dump1090 from starting up, and let VRS start, then it will grab 8080 so then hopefully you can put it on another port. Then restart everything. There is probably a more elegant solution though.


As I replied on another forum, VRS allows you to change the port it listens on. That will avoid conflict with Piaware.


This is true, when initially installing the VRS software it will ask what port you would like to use. However in settings you can re adjust the port number to your liking.


Wanted to give a heads up, I fought VRS for several hours while back before I found online that even if you change the port number in the settings it will (high chance) not actually change it. You will have to reinstall the program and assign the new port number during initial setup. I would imagine you can also find a cfg file and change it in there but I just did the reinstall route which was easiest.