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I need some help please on how to understand Piper 8/10 seater tail markings. the planes I am interested in are N170PA, J6 HAB, J6 HAA, G-LYDC and T1-PAI which looks like has been on 2 planes! The planes (well 2 of them) will be based in the Caribbean.

These planes belong to harlequinair.

If a plane moves to a new country, is it registered with a new number?

The details below I found on

Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain, G-LYDB / TI-PAI, T1- PAC, Atlantic Bridge Aviation
Location: Midden-Zeeland (EHMZ), Netherlands
Information: Registered in UK in January 2006, but still unconverted in Netherlands.

Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain, N170PA, Atlantic Bridge Aviation Inc.
Location: Midden-Zeeland (EHMZ), Netherlands
Information: aircraft was stored outside for many years as T1-PAI

The reason I ask this the people have 2 planes and al least 4 different tail numbers.
I realise this is a basic question, any help would be most welcome.

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Each time a plane is sold or re-branded it gets a registration change.

If we are talking about the tail number not necessarily. If the country does not change the old registration is quite often kept. Only if the new owner wants to change the registration does it change.
If the new owner is from another country that may bring on a change to the registration, however (there is always a however) if the new owner has some reason not to change the country of registration and has a legal reason to keep the old country he may do so. There is always the offshore registration, Bermuda, Cayman etc. too.