Help LAX Arrival


Hello to everyone,
I need some help 'cause I want to wait for the Real Madrid team that I think is taking the flight number IBE6171 (With Iberia) from LEMD (Madrid Barajas Airport) to KLAX, but I don’t know what is Terminal B. I know that flights comming to KLAX with Iberia usually arrives at Terminal 4, but with FlightAware i can see that the flight will arrive at Terminal B, yet there is no Terminal B, but only a Terminal called Tom Bradley International Terminal, so could you please help me to know where do i’ll have to wait…


They flight will probably not use a Terminal.


B is what Bradley is sometimes shortened to.
Charter flights may also park at the remote area at the west end of the airport or at one of the FBO’s on the south side.
Typically if an airline already serves an airport they will try to use the regular gates and ground staff although if a gate is not available then they have to resort to plan Z.