Help identifying flight route,please!

Just saw RRR flight #2701

Regiestation = ZZ330

Recently flew over Denver Colorado at around 2:20 on 12/6/12

A330-200 … -Force.php

I need the destination and origin of this aircraft.

I gave all the information I have please help! :slight_smile:

Your very overly nosy about flights.

Its military and you wont find tracking.

If your such an avid Track, Simple Google searches would have given you info on the plane.

Your suggestions will fall on deaf ears…

Does he not take suggestions well?

Ive read a lot of his initial postings had helped on a couple. This is the first time (and last) I was a little
snippy. Is he not a learner, more of a taker?

Doesn’t seem to grasp a couple of basic concepts.

  1. Not everything is your business to know
  2. You can find a lot with google before you ask your questions here

Hey guys, I do appreciate your help a lot and I try to find everything I can on Google before I post. I thought someone might know the answer to my question about the origin and destination of the flight not the tracking. I did not ask about tracking. I don’t think that was a nosy question but if you do, please explain to me.

Sorry if you think I’m rude or whatever, I just really like planes and tracking and I’m enthusiastic. I don’t know everything but I’m trying. I like to talk about this stuff with all of you guys. Also, it might not be my business to know everything but it’s okay to be curious about everything.

Anyway, I’m 14 and think I’m doing pretty good at learning this and I love it. I understand if you don’t want to help me anymore, that’s cool.

I do try to learn, that’s my whole goal. Learning everything about airplanes. I don’t just take. I do try to answer many posts here when I know something that can help or maybe answer a little or just talk.

We/I appreciate the enthusiasm. But the incessant need to know why is a little much… Remember what they say about curiosity and the cat…

As to google, keep up the searching. I find it interesting that I can usually find the answer to your question with one search and five minutes

My main thing is finding the point of some charters, could you shed some light on this to help me, find why there are certain charters?

Should I jet type in the charter name and flight number on google and that will find it ?

Give me an example of a charter you are looking for

This one right here please :arrow_right:

This is where you being 14 and having a ton of time on your hands and me being 49 and having little free time come into play. I look at that and say… Hmm. Wow… Interesting… And move on… With that said look at it logically. What do Calgary and Colorado Spings have in common? Perhaps this is a flight for a local sports team or college?

In the end, as I said, I appreciate your enthusiasm.

I actually find it refreshing myself. Reminds me of when I was his age. That was 42 years ago and, sadly, no “information highway” to help me. I went to libraries to get information from books and magazines but aviation, especially commercial aviation, is lacking in public libraries.

Ok, thanks for the help. Yeah I am a 10 on curious scale but not for bad stuff. The thing about googling is it doesn’t talk back to you, or have a discussion. I like to have someone to talk to about this. And sometimes when I do ask about a charter or something like that someone here did see it arrive or leave. I log all the planes I see or photograph from my backyard or when I go to airports so I like to know.

Thanks. I get books and magazines too. It’s nice to have internet and my parents who help me go to airports and stuff.

Try throttling it back to say 7 or 8? :wink: You will find yourself in those discussions a lot more if you just ratchet it back a bit.

Okay thanks, still haven’t got a destination or origin for my question quite yet though :wink:

Which means you will probably never find out the answer. So… Move on. Ok? It’s ok to not know everything, ya know…

Ya thanks for your time :slight_smile:

A reasonable guess as to destination would be Brize Norton (EGVN). Origin unknown but a great circle from Vandenburg seems to fit:

Guesswork, the RAF doesn’t disclose its flight plans!!