Help identify this aircraft?

The aircraft shown below was flying around KFDK between 4pm and 5pm EST on 3/24/2010. A lot of its activity was directly over the airport around 2,000 agl.

I cannot identify the type, and there is no matching tracking activity on FA.

It appears to be a demonstrator, and has some billboard lettering on the side which I could not read.

Anyone know what this type is, and even better, what the registration of this particular a/c is?

Looks like a mixture between a Piaggio and a C337!

Is it an Adam A/C of some sort, maybe a new one?

Check this out:

Looks like a homebuilt to me.

After a little research, about the closest I could come up with is Velocity XL RG N188HL … f2d44ee135

That looks like N95PX, one of a couple of “optionally piloted” development aircraft belonging to Proxy Aviation at GAI.


Oh, an A-1… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

That’s a cool aircraft!

Very interesting! Now, to get some up-close photos . . .

Thanks for all the feedback.