help for preparing for skills assessment process

I have been selected to go to the Oxford Aviation Academy for the 2 day skills assessment process which will include interviews, group activities and discussions plus simulator assessment, where if i pass i will be accepted for the APP First Officer course, what i would like to know is, is there a website which can help prepare you for the tests and interviews? or any books which might be a bit of help? cheers

Do any of these … tnG=Search google links help?


Personal Interview Questions Book

Topics covered include aerodynamics, FAR & AIM, approach and landing, and human resource topics such as personal leadership, decision making, and social interactions.

The third one down is of very little help! :smiley:

I will exercise the fifth amendment!! :smiley:

I am also invited, did you manage to find any suitable links to help with the assessment? The google one didnt work for me.

sorry if this is too late but if not i can tell you what happens.
on Day 1 you are divided into two groups, one group doing the sim assessment in the morning and the Math, Physics, Orientation, and Coordination tests in the afternoon (i was with group 1) and the 2nd group vice versa.The sim assessment includes doing climbs,descents, turns, all with limitations, one example: i was asked to turn 95degrees to the left while doing a climb at 500fpm keeping at 120IAS, while being asked questions such as what is the square root of 169, stuff like that, but there is tolerences such as you have to level off within say 5degrees with the turn and not exceeding the assigned altitude by 100ft. also one thing i enjoyed, yes enjoyed, was the pilot covering up the throttles and gauges and shutting down one of the engines, i had to work out which was the ‘dead’ engine and then straighten out the aircraft with the rudder pedals and maintain level flight.
Day 2 its team excercises in the morning, with both groups moulding into one making about 6 of us where our first excercise was to plan a flight doing drops around a small part of africa in one go, making sure there was enough fuel for the flight, and working how the pallets were going to fit into the cargo hold, second excercise was to build a tower about 40 inches high with a beam at the top going out at a length of 15inches which we had to balance a cup of water on the end for 10seconds.
Afternoon is the IMPORTANT bit which is the interview, the best advice is to be calm and relaxed,as its not the ‘normal hostile environment’ most people think it will be, i was even able to make a joke and get the two guys to chuckle. i cant really tell you what questions they asked as it went on for about 45minutes, if you havent gone yet good luck, and you might even enjoy it, i certainly did

Excellent timing 767! I have mine on Tue & Wed of next week so busy cramming in what I can. Physics is the one that I have a few concerns over given the broad nature of the subject but hopefully Ive got it covered.

Did you pass/take a position on the course?

Yes i am starting in september, but a bit of advice for you, im going down in june to look for places to rent as they did admit it would be cheaper at most places to rent privately rather than stay on the campus for the 68weeks. Also another thing i forgot to mention is that you get about a 90minute talk about the financial part of the course. You will be able to get 25k unsecured and upto 50k secured. We were told the average student spends about 65k on the course itself without other expenses so get saving!!!

Thanks for the info, fingers crossed if everything goes to plan with the assessment and my medical booked for Wednesday I will be getting myself booked on the course starting 25th Sep. I will also be looking for flat/houseshare privately given the prices they want to charge for a room with no ensuite!

Good luck, let me know how you do, and don’t worry if you get there and are still worrying about the physics as they had all the good exam books from OCR, Edexcel, AQA so youl be prepared