Help Decode top line for AV. Co and MFR/ACFT type

I would appreciate easily keyed interpretive data for the top line. Example, FLX718 BE58. A BE58 is obviously a Beech Baron, but there are a lot less common listings of aircraft type. The same is true for the first listing, FDX and UPS, AAL are pretty obvious, but something like FLX is less intuitive. Where on this site can a simple fellow like me look this data up without switching pages/fields amd losing the current area map?

If you’re referring to the map pages, that feature is not available; sorry.
Anywhere else, in the airport activity page for instance you can hover your mouse over the a/c type or the callsign to get more info.

What “top line”? The live flight info page gives you all of the info you’re requesting.

FLX - Flight Express

BE58 - Beechcraft Baron 58 (twin-piston)

I expect that fugax is looking for a convient list of abbreviations to refer to when looking at the maps. I cannot put my hands on one right now, but the Airborne Aircaft (by type) page lists all the currently airborne aircraft by type with a text description, which should be handy for most types.


Aircraft types are listed in the 7110.65 Appendix

Callsigns are in the 7340.1Y Chapter 3.


Must be losing my touch because I didn’t say the poster should search the forum for the information because it has been discussed before.

As deltamike says, it is located in

I might also suggest that fugax keep two Flightaware windows open. Toggle between them with a click of the mouse. That’s SOP on my end.